Sunday, April 12, 2009

Silence... and some lambs

Hello, everyone.

It's been silent here for some time--not for any particular reason. I must be busy. :) It almost feels like I only have a certain amount of writing in me, and if I write notes about my reading or write in my journal, I don't write on the blog. Weird. I hope it doesn't continue!

So, lambs. It's definitely a typical Ohio spring, which means it's chilly and the lambs are being born! Here are some lambs (and sheep) at a farm not too far from here; they belong to the parents of two students of mine. I visited a couple weeks ago (where has the time gone?). They are pretty shy, so it was hard to get good photos of them, but I managed to snap a few:

Doesn't this last one look like he's just heard a joke?

And here is one of the sheep who was not as shy and came to see what my camera was all about:

I think they're expecting just one more lamb--a late one, as lambs go--and then their small flock will be finished with birthing for the year.

And, while we were there, I couldn't help but visit the chickens:
I like the red ones (can you tell?). Later on, when we were over by the house (a ways away from the chicken hut), there was a big to-do among the chickens, with lots of LOUD bawk-bawking going on. I asked what was up; their caretaker said probably one just laid an egg, that they make a big fuss when they lay an egg. :) I thought that was hilarious, and that perhaps I should go around in my daily life making a big fuss every time I do something that takes effort and intention. Made dinner? BAWK BAWK BAWK! Fetched groceries? BAWK BAWK BAWK! Wrote an administrative report? BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK! (that one deserves an extra bawk)

Hey, let's all try it! Give yourself a bawk bawk and see what happens...