Thursday, March 5, 2009

All your snot are belong to us**

Posting from the house of yuck... All three of us are sick!

I have a sinus infection, lingering goopy cough, and apparently blood behind my eardrum (from flying). But I am on antibiotics, so should be getting better soon. Dexter has a persistent/reoccurring headache and fever and occasional goopy cough; Motrin Jr. is our friend. Patrick has congestion & fatigue (sleeping a LOT); he's been alternating between Alka Seltzer cold & Nyquil. All three of us have been shuffling around in our pjs for a couple days. I managed to summon the energy to get showered & dressed & go to the dr. on Tuesday, and when I was getting my Rx filled stocked up on sickie-poo supplies--kleenex, juice, soup, applesauce, jello. We are pitiful but looking forward to being more bright & social in a day or two (we hope!!!).

I feel like I'm in suspended animation, not really processing my departure from South Dakota, or my adjustment back to life in Ohio--I guess mostly because this really isn't life in Ohio, it's life in sickie-poo-land. I'm looking forward to having more energy so I can write, think, plan...

I have some photos to post, but will do that when I can write more. For now, wish us healing thoughts!

Ciao from the house of yuck,

**This is a reference to a gaming phrase, and I don't play electronic games, but I really liked when it morphed its way into the knitting world in a t-shirt that says "All your yarn are belong to us." Mwah ha ha!! Here's an explanation... (And may I not be struck by lightning for linking to wikipedia!)

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