Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(Intermission) Blogging: U R doin it wrong...*

I have conflicting goals in my head for this here blog... One is to post more often. The other is to post beautifully rendered, fully conceived essays that hold together from beginning to end and say something Profound and Meaningful. Oy.

I think I'd like to work on goal one and ignore goal two for a while. So here's something short and sweet for today.

On Facebook this morning I announced that it's International Karen Does Nothing Day today, and that my plan was to be lazy.

(a sign I ran across recently)

For the first time in weeks, today my calendar lists NO appointments. And I decided on Monday that the to-do list was making me feel overwhelmed and a bit glum, so I'm trying to hold it at arm's length for a while--you know, only getting stuff done that really could not be put off, keeping those appointments that I had already made weeks ago, and generally doing as little as possible otherwise, taking things a bit more slowly.

I had some advice recently that really hit me as True and Useful: instead of doing stuff from a place of "should," start paying attention to what brings me joy and do that instead. I'm trying that, and I must say, I feel a lot less glum and overwhelmed.

(Baby sock in progress, for a colleague who's preggers. The yarn is keeping me entertained--such interesting colors!)

The to-do list is still there, but it can wait. Just for a little while, I'm trying this new way of moving through my day, and taking note of those little things that make me happy... like knitting pretty things, eating blueberries, reading in my pjs. And writing on the blog! Well, whadaya know.

I haven't decided yet whether it's funny or pitiful that I had to schedule a day to be lazy. I'll think about that tomorrow. (Or maybe some other day...)


* The title means a) that I'm taking an intermission from describing my four corners trip, and b) I'm making a reference to LOLcats, who r doin it wrong sometimes.

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  1. Profound and meaningful? I dare say there's not a blog on this here earth that renders profound and meaningful post on a regular basis. Fun is the better goal. Waaaaaaay better. Good luck and happy lazing around.