Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Field trip to Grass Mountain

On Sunday I went on another field trip! This time closer to here: Grass Mountain, which is southwest of here and within the Rosebud Reservation. It is so beautiful out there. The Little White River winds through the area, and there's a big mountain-looking bluff that is indeed covered with grass--and some pine trees, wild yucca, and such. At one point I pulled my car off the road, got out, and just stood there quietly, soaking up the sun and listening to the flowing water (mni, in Lakota) and singing birds. (I saw chickadees, but also heard a crow and some finches and something else I couldn't identify.)

I'll copy some photos here, though I don't think I could quite capture the place in them.

I stood out there for quite a while (in the spot pictured below), only two cars passing me. It was peacefulness in three dimensions and five senses.

May you find some peace today,

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