Thursday, February 26, 2009

SaFe and Sound in Sioux Falls

I am here. It took an extra couple of hours, but I'm grateful that I did not take any unscheduled detours into a ditch.

Here are some views of the desolate, wind-blown plains; it never did get very warm today (wind chills below zero)...

Even the interstate was kind of scary in places. The sun broke out when I got to the Missouri River for a little bit (where the deepest part of the river is now open--i.e., no longer frozen), then it was clouds all the way to Sioux Falls, where it is snowing now.

Here's the only pheasant I saw today:

Here's what the phone books are called here. :)

And here's evidence that I'm alive & well & in my fancy hotel room.

Ciao from the big city on the prairie,

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