Friday, February 19, 2010

Accidental magic

One of those days last week when I was walking to work, I saw my reflection, all suited up for the snow and cold, in the window of a shop downtown. It reminded me of the images I've seen (and very much admired) on Reya's blog, so I took a photo.

When I saw it on the little screen on the back of the camera, I thought, "okay, cool," and went on with my day. I liked the way it showed me all bundled up and puffy; I posted it on Facebook and called it my Intrepid Arctic Explorer disguise. A few minutes later, when I saw a bigger version of it, I realized there was something else going on in the photo that was Very Interesting...

It looks like there's a plant growing up my legs and toward my middle...

I hadn't even noticed the plant when I took this shot. But now when I see it, this image reminds me that, even in the deep of winter, in the snow and cold, the plants are making plans to come back to life soon. Life is persistent; it will come back. And that gives me hope...

May you see something magical today!

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