Monday, February 8, 2010

Cabin fever... I haz it.

So... staying inside and doing all that work? Not so much.

The snow continued all night and finally slowed down around 10 on Saturday morning. Shortly thereafter, I headed out--on foot--to my hair appointment. (Luckily, my hair person also lives within walking distance!)

The snow was beautiful, if hard to get through in spots. The temperature was perfect for walking--about 25 degrees. And, miracle of miracles, the sun came out!

It was a heavy, sticky snow; you can see here that it stuck to the trunks & branches on all the trees.

On some streets the snow was stuck on the north side of the trees; but here's the odd thing: on other streets, it was stuck on the EAST side. Our weather doesn't come from the east unless something weird is going on. Hm.

(Here's a photo, outside the window next to my desk, that shows the east side of the trees in my neighbor's yard.)

(Here are my neighbor's dogs, keeping an eye on folks as they trek down the street...)

I thought we only got about 6 inches total, but other folks have said it was more like a foot. A friend about 20 minutes away said she got a foot and a half! Sadly, because it started on Friday afternoon, no snow days were to be had.

Snowhio part II, coming our way tonight and tomorrow, may yield one!

I don't know if other places do this--is it an Ohio thing? a Delaware county thing?--but here, in our downtown, the plows shove all the snow to the middle of the road:

(looking north)
(looking south)

I was really motivated to keep my hair appointment; I wanted to feel spiffy for a special day. And it looks like someone else in my town (the owner of the theatre) had her special day around the same time!

And here I am in my spiffiness--the red stripes restored back to the shade I like best, the blonde stripe (not shown) touched up, and a new purple stripe!

O vanity, thy name is me!

I hope you're feeling spiffy today,

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